Thursday, May 23, 2013 is my new website.  All of my blog entries have been moved to this new website and this blogspot site will be discontinued soon.

Hello Friends and Bloggers,

My sculpture blog has moved to my new web site.  It is still the same blog, published 10 or 11 times per year, when I have a new sculpture to release.  The newest piece, posted May 21, is "Crabby Lady" carved from translucent orange alabaster.  It is luminous!  Here is the link

Please click on the Blog heading in the menu and . . .  voila!

Please join my mailing list through the Contact Page on the web site if you would like to be notified when a new sculpture is posted.  I will not share, trade, sell, or otherwise abuse your email address.  My mailing list is only used to notify fans and friends of new sculptures I complete and post.  Nothing else, I promise.

Thanks very much for following my work here on blogspot.  I hope you will continue as a friend on my new web site.  Please visit!  See Crabby!  There is no down-side!

Have a great summer.  If you are in northern Colorado the weekend of August 10, 2013, please visit me at Sculpture in the Park in Loveland, CO.  I will be in Tent A with many of the sculptures recently posted on my blog.  I'd love to see you!


Ellen Woodbury

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Joe said...

Thanks Ellen for sharing that you are moved to the new website. We will definitely follow you there too. Keep posting.

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